Chief Scientist: Dr. Shirley Pomponi, FAU/HBOI- Chief Scientist

Education Coordinator: Dr. Dennis Hanisak, FAU/HBOI- education, coral and deep algae science

Outreach Coordinator: Mr. Andrew Shepard, UNCW- outreach, mapping, ROV operations



  • Mr. John Reed, FAU/HBOI- benthic surveys
  • Dr. Tammy Frank, HBOI/FAU- plankton, mid-water ecology
  • Rich Findlay, U. of Miami- RSMAS- oil sensors
  • Dr. Amy Wright, FAU/HBOI- natural products
  • Dr. Joshua Voss, FAU/HBOI- coral ecology, physiology
  • Dr. Sara Edge, FAU/HBOI- coral ecology, genetics
  • Dr. Lori Adornato, SRI International- mass spectrometry
  • Mr. John Kloske, SRI International- GIS, mapping