FLoSEE Data Inventory

With respect to data management, FLoSEE is a signature expedition for NOAA’s Ocean Exploration Research (OER) Program and a sanctioned monitoring cruise for the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA). A dedicated data manager will be responsible for custody of all data sets and products of the expedition and creation of related metadata records. Expected data sets include:

Source Sensor Data
Ship (bridge) GPS Ship’s lat/long and satellites
Ship (bridge) USBL slant range position system Sub’s lat/long
Ship (bridge) Fathometer Depth
Ship (bridge) Gyro compass Ship heading, pitch, roll, yaw
Ship (flow-through) Fluorometer Chlorophyll a
Ship (flow-through) Fluorometer DOM
Ship (flow-through) Seabird MicroTSG Conductivity/Salinity
Ship (flow-through) Seabird MicroTSG Surface Temperature
Submersible Seabird Conductivity/Salinity
Submersible Seabird Temperature
Submersible Altimeter Depth and altitude above bottom
Submersible Fluorometer Chlorophyll a
Submersible Fluorometer Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)
Submersible Fluorometer Crude oil
Submersible Transmissometer Water Clarity (turbidity)
Submersible Color video camera Video
Submersible Digital Still Camera Digital stills
Carousel (rosette) Seabird Conductivity/Salinity
Carousel (rosette) Seabird Temperature
Carousel (rosette) Seabird Chlorophyll a
Carousel (rosette) Transmissometer Light attenuation (turbidity)
Carousel (rosette) Seabird CDOM
Carousel (rosette) Seabird Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
Carousel (rosette) Seabird Depth
Carousel (rosette) Seabird Dissolved Oxygen
MOCNESS Seabird Conductivity/salinity
MOCNESS Seabird Temperature
MOCNESS Seabird Depth
Reports Sample logs Sample metadata
Reports Video annotation logs Dive metadata
Reports Site logs Site metadata
Reports Quick look Expedition results
Reports Cruise Summary Expedition results